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EA has for the first time since 2013 put their new release on Steam rather than Origin. On November the 15th Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be released on Steam in one of the first steps from EA in their move back to the popular game platform that they previously abandoned for their own, less appreciated platform Origin.


Understandably gamers are very happy with the decision and it only took 6 years. Steam is currently the leading gaming platform, it’s easier to use and comes equipt with a neverending library of popular games. EA have also confirmed that this release will be followed by more of their popular games and subscription service moving over in the coming months, including Apex Legends and The Sims 4. If you’re not a fan of Steam don’t fear as crossplay will be available between the two platforms, meaning empty servers won’t be an issue.


If you haven’t yet checked out the new Star wars game, take a look at the official gameplay demo below.