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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 has finally arrived along with it’s massive file size of 60GB. Many fans were taken back by this file size and many addressed their annoyance and concern on many social media websites. The new update added a whole bunch of brand new features, weapons, modes, maps and a new operator which when looked into a bit more you can see why the file size would be big.

Two of the major additions to the game with Season 2 was the new operator called ‘Ghost’ and the two brand new weapons, ‘Grau 5.56’ and ‘Striker 45’. You can get this operator by buying the battle pass and you will immediately receive him since he’s unlockable at tier 0, while the guns can be acquired by levelling up the battle pass without buying it so even if you don’t buy the battle pass you can still get the new guns.

The new operator added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The new guns added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

They also added some new game modes to their multiplayer playlist and along with that they brought back the fan favourite map ‘Rust’. Many people were hoping ‘Rust’ would make a return as many fans hopes were answered when it was teased in the Season 2 trailer and then was finally given to players in the update.

  • CDL Playlist | Hardpoint, Domination, Search and Destroy
  • Realism Ground War
  • Boneyard addition to Ground War rotation
  • I have rust issues | 6v6 Mosh Pit
  • Gunfight sniper | 3v3
  • Rust | 2v2 & 6v6
  • Atlas Superstore | 6v6 & 10v10
  • Regiments
Image result for call of duty mw rust

Screenshot of the ‘Rust’ map from

Some of the more less important updates were the new trials added to the game, the ‘Special Ops Survival: Azhir Cave’ which is a Sony exclusive so Playstation owners are lucky. They also added a weapon perk for the Akimbo guns which you can get from the Gunsmith. They also made some small fixes to the map rotations, field upgrades, weapons, Special Operations, Keyboard and Mouse controls and they did some rebalancing to the perks.

Lastly, a leak if you want to call it that popped up on reddit yesterday that many believe to be the menu for the rumoured battle royale mode coming to game later in the season. It is supposedly called Warzone and while Activision has yet to comment on this, many believe that’s what it will be called and some even think that the battle royale was teased in the Season 2 cinematic trailer as well as at the end you can see green gas surrounding the map as people jump out of a plane.

Game glitched and showed me the Warzone menu. Is this the BR?! from modernwarfare