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Netflix, the company most known for creating some of the best netflix original shows and films have accidently leaked information on their own Resident Evil show. We can guess that this information was going to be published soon however it seems like they put this information out a bit earlier than expected and immediately pulled it from their site. However many people managed to gather a small section that described the basic plot of the show and surprisingly it doesn’t seem to have any relation to the games or past films as shown below:

Details of the show on the Netflix Media Center site

While the plot seems to include the well-known umbrella corporation and T-Virus, the place known as Clearfield, MD has never been mentioned before and nor has Greenwood Asylum so details on these places are pretty scarce. I guess Netflix decided they wanted to take the show to a new location but still use the same company and virus to keep it tied into the actual franchise. This might even open up the opportunity for Capcom to take a future Resident Evil game to this location so they could even tie the show and the games together. It’s also obvious why Capcom would want to turn their most popular franchise into a show, The recent Resident Evil 2 Remake was a huge success and with the upcoming release of the Resident Evil 3 Remake having fans hyped they definitely saw that this is something that would get people talking.

Sadly this is all we could gather on this news however when the bombshell does eventually drop, we’ll definitely be ready to to talk about it especially as a fan of the Resident Evil franchise.