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The Call of Duty money train will once again be departing for its annual trip and stopping by the various platforms.
You wouldn’t need to be a prophet to see this one coming.

Activision confirmed the next installment during their Q4 Investor Call on Feb 6th and apparently the company is very excited! They have stated that the game has been “generating high interest internally” and that “We feel great about the content” Awww, well done Activition… it’s great to hear that you love your own game.

Treyach will be in charge of making this game with Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software offering developmental support.

Oh, and the excitement doesn’t stop there. Insider Daniel Ahmad who if his name precedes him is probably also mad about this game, states that there will be a series of remastered titles in the pipeline, but as yet we can only imagine what is planned for us mere mortals. An MW2 remake, maybe? OMG!

So if you have any remaining excitement left in your body come aboard the Call of Duty hype train, but with no exact release date mentioned, we could be waiting awhile. Being a UK resident train user, I am well prepared.