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Just 3 hours after platinum games posted their Kickstarter campaign to pull The Wonderful 101 out of the Wii U shipwreck, over 9,200 people have joined rescue attempts and raised over £450,000.

The original pledged goal of £37,989 goal was set to get the game onto Nintendo Switch, clearly fans are eager to see the stretch goals reached and the game available on even more platforms as its now coming to Steam and PS4. Previously, the game had no choice but to go down with a sinking ship named Wii U. Now, the developers want to bring the game to a much bigger audience, on multiple platforms and it looks like people are willing to make that happen.

“In this game, players take control of the Wonderful Ones, heroes from all over the world chosen to defend the Earth from all manner extraterrestrial threats! When the peaceful Blossom City comes under attack by alien invaders, Wonder-Red, Wonder-Blue, and the rest of the Wonderful Ones suit up and unite to save the world!”

Platinum Games, Kickstarter

Social Media challenge

You can work with other backers in a live Social Media Challenge called ‘The Defense of Blossom City’ to unlock even more rewards.

What is The Defense of Blossom City?

A clever way for backers to help advertise the kickstarter campaign. The Defense of Blossom City is a Social Media Challenge for all backers to play and begins with a single Wonderful One traveling through Blossom City on the Virgin Victory, protecting the city from invaders.

The Wonderful Team will grow by 1 member every 500 backers.

Each new member on the team will raise your Wonderful Power. The more Wonderful Power gained throughout the campaign, the easier it will become to clear social goals, and unlock awesome new rewards for all backers to enjoy!

Get Blocked by Kamiya

If you fancy a tweet from Kamiya before being blocked by him on twitter donate £77.95 (¥11,000) or more. Don’t worry he won’t really block you if you don’t want him too, or he can… Nobody will judge you.

There are plenty of rewards you can get your hands on, keyrings, T-shits, stickers and custom consolers are just a few.